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It goes without saying that home is the safe haven where we all seek shelter, physically and emotionally. No wonder we all love to keep our homes clean and tidy, besides decking it up with bright and fanciful things that reflect our tastes and choices. However, more than the aesthetic aspect, it is the utilitarian aspect that is always given priority, as managing our day-to-day life at home depends a lot on the functional equipment we use. Men and women alike invest time, energy and money and selecting products for their home use that will make the daily chores easier, making household management smoother and more convenient. Certain basic essentials are must-haves in every modern-day household. Affordably priced yet extremely useful, these products are nowadays available online which means you don’ even have to step out of your house to get them! Let’s take a look as some of the best home improvement products that are cost-effective but serve key purposes:

Aluminium Spray Mop Set with Microfiber Washable Pad

Aluminium Spray Mop Set with Microfiber Washable Pad

This is an innovative 4-piece floor cleaning mop in an attractive green colour. Made from quality aluminium and microfiber, this cleaning mop comprises a mop pole, microfiber pad, mop head, and water storage tank. These parts are easy to assemble, and aids in cleaning the floor of your house minus any hassles! It is safe for all floor types, be it hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, and so on. The mop frame is 360 degrees rotatable, thus you can easily access the edges and corners, while the mop-head is reusable and machine-washable. With the help of the spray trigger, you can spray just as much little liquid, thus saving water, and the liquid bottle is refillable which means you can mix your own cleaning solution. The best part is, this mopping tool can be used for windows and walls too, with normal or soapy water, as desired.

Egab Flexible Faucet Sprayer

Flexible Faucet Sprayer

This is a handy and flexible sprayer featuring dual spray settings- an aerated jet stream and a wide angle spray. With this, you can turn any ordinary faucet of your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, into a flexible sprayer with extended reach. This is highly effective in cleaning sink, rinsing fruits and vegetables, filling vases, shampooing hair, bathing your baby or pet, and so on. You don’t need any tool to attach this and it easily fits into any standard-size faucet. When it comes to cleaning oddly sized objects, this is very useful. It comes with a 6-inch hose that is made of durable material and is flexible, thus allowing it to reach where ordinary faucets cannot. This is surely one of the best home improvement products you can lay your hands on.

Inditradition 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Organizer

Kitchen Sink Organizer

Perfectly crafted to organize your kitchen sink area, this unique stand from Inditradition can accommodate all daily-use products for sink work, such as dishwasher liquid, brush, cloth, soap, sponge, etc. The main body of the unit has sufficient space where you can store liquid bottle and brush, while it is accompanied by an integrated rail that meant for keeping clothes and sponges. Built of sturdy, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and durable material, this entire unit can be easily dismantled for cleaning. We often explore products that are space-saving and convenient to store the kitchen sink essentials in, and this has been perfectly designed to meet those needs.

Command Decorating & Organizing Clips

Command Decorating and Organizing Clips

Command decorating & organizing clips are multifunctional, helping you arrange things in a fuss-free manner. An excellent choice for decorating your walls for a party or celebration, this product will give your home a makeover in minutes! You can stick these anywhere without damaging the surface, as these clips are equipped with refill adhesive strips, which adheres firmly to flat surfaces, and later on, can be removed cleanly. The package contains 20 hooks and 24 strips. The next time you want to spruce up your home decor for a festival or special occasion, be it to hang LED lights or to display photos, this will prove to be of great use. Modern-day couples often explore products that will make their house parties more vibrant, and this product is sure to take them by delight!

Screw Driver Set with Neon Bulb

Screw Driver Set with Neon Bulb

A screw-driver set is indispensable in every household, as it is required to repair various day-to-day objects quite frequently. This tool kit comprises 6 different blades which can be used in various ways, thanks to their different nozzles and heads. The driver handle also contains a neon bulb which lights up when inserted into a live socket. The blades come with magnetic tips which not only enable you to have a firm grip over the screw while securing it, but is also helpful in pulling out screws. Made of high-quality steel, the blades are break-resistant. The handle of the driver, non-flammable and completely safe, is designed in a way that is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. This set comes in a lightweight yellow box that is compact and sturdy.

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