The Impact of PSVR2 Price on the Growth of the VR Industry

The Impact of PSVR2 Price on the Growth of the VR Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) has garnered immense acclaim within the gaming sphere, with Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) standing as a resounding triumph, having surpassed 5 million units in global sales. However, the initial PSVR’s price served as a significant barrier to adoption, especially for casual gamers. With the imminent launch of PSVR2, an enhanced iteration boasting novel features, a pertinent query emerges: how might its pricing impact the burgeoning expanse of the VR industry?

PSVR2 Price

Factors Affecting PSVR2’s Price

Several key factors will shape the price of PSVR2:

  • The price of the new hardware:

    PSVR2 is set to flaunt an array of hardware enhancements compared to its forerunner, encompassing a higher-resolution display, refined tracking, and immersive haptic feedback.
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  • Cost of Manufacturing:

    PSVR2 is anticipated to be produced in smaller volumes compared to the first PSVR, which will also contribute to a higher price tag.

  • Cost of Marketing:

    Sony will have to invest significantly in marketing the PSVR2 to reach a wide audience, adding to the overall cost of the headset.

Comparison of PSVR2’s Price to Other VR Headsets

The PSVR2 is expected to come at a higher price point compared to other VR headsets in the market, such as the Oculus Quest 2 and the Valve Index. However, the PSVR2 will set itself apart by offering unique features like eye tracking and foveated rendering.

Target Market and Price Influence

The PSVR2 is designed to cater to various audiences, including:

  • Casual Gamers:

    Casual gamers are typically more price-sensitive than hardcore gamers, and the PSVR2’s higher price may discourage them from adopting VR. They may not be willing to pay a premium for the new features offered.

  • Hardcore Gamers:

    On the other hand, hardcore gamers, more passionate about VR gaming, may be willing to pay the premium price for PSVR2’s advanced features.

  • VR Enthusiasts:

    VR enthusiasts are dedicated to the VR experience and will likely purchase the PSVR2, regardless of its price. Their passion for VR motivates them to invest in top-quality VR headsets.

Potential Impact of PSVR2’s Price on VR Industry Growth

The price of the PSVR2 could significantly impact the growth of the VR industry. Should the pricing be established at an excessively elevated level, it could potentially dissuade casual gamers from embracing VR, given that they constitute a substantial segment of the gaming populace. This slowdown in adoption could hinder the overall growth of the VR market.

However, if the price is set at the right level, the PSVR2 could entice hardcore gamers to embrace VR gaming. The surge in demand for VR encounters could pave the way for the creation of more economical Virtual Reality headsets in the times to come.


The PSVR2 shows immense promise as an advanced VR headset, but its price could be a crucial factor in its success. If the price is too high, it may discourage casual gamers from entering the VR world. Conversely, a well-balanced price point could encourage hardcore gamers to adopt VR and fuel the demand for more accessible VR headsets. While the VR industry eagerly anticipates the arrival of PSVR2, its price stands as a pivotal factor that shall indelibly influence the trajectory of VR gaming as a whole.

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